Space Healer

Pervade Wave Co Ltd in Hong Kong is manufacturing the Space Healer under the license agreement with the Russian Company, which develop this world-patented device.

You can purchase one from:

Green Concepts Co. Ltd.
2/F, Prosperous Commercial Building,
54-58 Jardine's Bazaar,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong SAR
Tel: (852)2882-4848
Fax: (852)2890-8469

E-mail: [email protected]

Web site:

Worldwide Representatives

Location Name E-mail Address
Melbourne Ms. Lily Chen [email protected]
USA Dr. Robin Murphy [email protected]
Toronto Mr. Helmut Giese [email protected]
Korea Dr. Garbeen Yim [email protected]
Singapore Ms. Stephaine Nam [email protected]
Malaysia Ms. Rebecca Lee [email protected]
New Zealand Mr. Richard Dunwell [email protected]

  HK$ US$ (app.)
Space Healer (Deluxe version) $5,700 $750
Space Healer (Basic version) $3,600 $470
Handle $280 $40
Brush $380 $50
Gel Pad 53x96mm (4/set) $150 $21
Gel Pad 46x47mm(4/set) $80 $11
Wire (length 3M) $60 $8
6mm Facial Ball $320 $42
15mm Facial Ball $380 $50
FacialMask (w/o wire)
$550 $72
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