Gravity Colonic Treatment

Regular Price - HK$450 per treatment

Treatment Plans
Unit Price Amount
- Buy 5 get 1 FREE
- Valid for 3 months (1 free Coffee Implantation included)
HK$375 HK$2,250
- Buy 10 get 3 FREE
- Valid for 6 months (3 free Coffee Implantation included)
HK$346 HK$4,500
- Monthly Pass (10 treatments in 1 month)
- Valid for 1 month
(5 free Coffee Implantation included)
HK$360 HK$3,600
- Year Program (50 treatments in 1 year) 30% off
- Valid for 12 months
HK$315 HK$15,750
- Treatment Vouchers (10 treatments)
- Valid for 6 months
HK$405 HK$4,050

Pressurized Colonic Treatment
Regular Price - HK$900 per treatment

Colon hydrotherapy helps rid the body of accumulated wastes, alleviate constipation, prevent colon cancer, enhance immunity, facilitate nutrient absorption, and promote faster recovery from illness. It can also improve complexion, stabilize mood changes, retard aging and rejuvenate our whole body. In addition in using filtered and energized water for the treatment, according to the patient’s needs, implantation such as coffee, baking soda and chlorophyll with probiotics, is helpful.

The purpose of these implants and the charges:
Baking Soda: Researches show that cancer thrives in an acidic environment, and doesn't survive in a normal, more alkaline environment. The baking soda implantation helps to balance the pH in your body, restoring slightly alkaline environment which can prevent from developing cancer.
Price: HK$20

Coffee: According to Dr. Max Gerson, coffee enema helps remove toxins from the liver. It often provides quick relief of pain and fatigued. The coffee implantation stimulates the liver to produce more bile, opens the bile ducts and stimulates bile flow. This achieves quick liver detox in just a few minutes.
Price: HK$40

Chlorophyll with probiotics: The chlorophyll soothes and nourishes an irritable bowel. Good friendly bacteria helps restore healthy bacteria flora in our digestive tract. It improves the digestion and bowel movement.
Price: HK$30

Ozonized waterIt can increase the amount of oxygen in the intestines, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.
Price: HK$50
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