Asia's first professional colon hydrotherapy centre under the supervision of Dr. Alexander Yuan.

Colon hydrotherapy is first introduced to Hong Kong in 1992 by Dr. Alexander Yuan. The term “detoxification,’ actually begins with colon hydrotherapy here.

Colon cancer is the second largest cancer killer in Hong Kong.
Studies estimate that up to 90% of the population suffers from constipation. It has been established that through regular cleansing of the large intestine (colon or bowel) with warm filtered water, the health  will improve as will skin tone and energy levels, and bowel movements will normalize. Detoxification through colon cleansing is probably the quickest and fastest way to improve general health.

In the Gospel of Issaic, Jesus taught his disciples how to perform colon hydrotherapy to stay healthy.

Our facilities are modern with both the open and closed system. All tubing and speculums disposable.
Our therapists highly experienced and receive on going training from Dr. Yuan.


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