One stop shop for your total
 healthly lifestyle requirement !

We offer the largest and widest selection of health products in Hong Kong. Over three thousand items for your choice.

Healthy foods, snacks, beverages
Wild rice, brown rice, natural seasonings, organic vinegars, cold-pressed organic oils, sprouting seeds, organic grains, pulses and cereals, green drinks, organic fruit and vegetables, organic juices, soy, oat and rice milk products, organic coffee and substitutes, herbal teas, healthy snacks.

Healthy lifestyle
Home cleaning products, magnetic mattresses, Champion juicers, rebounders, orthopedic supports, back supports, ozone air purifiers, water purifiers, distillers, electrosmogneutraliser, full spectrum lighting, breast pumps, Brainstorm, Relaxmate, etc.

Natural body Care
Aromatherapy oils, hair and skin care products. Handmade pure soaps, herbal hair care, deodorant, toothpaste and baby care items.

A comprehensive range of professional quality vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and marine extracts. Whole food supplements, detoxification products and an extensive range of herbal products.

Bioenergetic Medicine
Over one hundred herbs, thousands of homeopathic remedies, tissue salts, Bach flower remedies with both Chinese and English literature for your reference.

Green Concepts stocks over 1,000 titles covering a wide area of health-related subjects, including various health systems, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal medicine, orthomolecular medicine, medical politics, vaccination, health, exercise, nutrition and diet, cooking, cancer, AIDS, toxaemia, colon therapy, dental care, fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, female health care, menopause, anti-aging, emotional health, etc.

Video Rental Library
A video rental library allows you to bring lectures into your home. Over 400 videos are stocked at Green Concepts conversing a wide range of health and environment-related subjects. An entertaining and educational way to expand your knowledge in these areas.


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