Brazil Mushroom


Subsequent studies showed that the Agaricus mushroom is a powerful normalizing effect of all body physiological functions. That is why that clinically it has been effective against almost every health problems afflicting mankind.

The Fine Agaricus mushroom are fine picked from carefully selected farms in Korea and extracted by special biotechnology utilizing enzyme treatments to reduce the size of the polysaccharides and micro-pulverized to enhance absorption in the digestive tract.

The beneficial effect of the Fine Agaricus mushroom can be realized faster and with smaller quantities and thus more economical.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of the Brazil Mushroom, please refer to the following book:

The story of the life-enhancing Agaricus Blazei Mruill by Osmar Borzacchini

Short Discription:
The Agaricus Brazil Mushroom was discovered by takatoshi Furumoto in Brazil.
Furumoto's research revealed that the healthy state of the people of Piedade was due to their frequently eating the ABM mushroom. In order to examine the mushroom species and establish its effect on cancer, samples were sent to the University of Buenos Aires and the University of the Province of Mie in Japan. Finally, Dr. Shobo Shibata, who was then working at the Department of Pharmacology as a professor, and Dr. Tetsuo Ikegawa of Japan's National Cancer Research Centre managed to detect the pharmacological action of ABM. That was about 30 years ago. Their research findings were published on the occasion of the General Assembly of the Japanese Pharmacology Association and the Japanese Cancer Research Society.

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