AIDS by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
(Author of On Death and Dying)

The Ultimate Challenge
Incredible bedside companion . . . Kubler-Ross has been considered the world's foremost expert on death and dying - Pat Holt, San Francisco Chronicle

Her moving communications, written and verbal, with patients and their families, clearly demonstrate why this woman remains certain that none of us is so unique as to be exempt from the human condition.
AIDS and Chinese Medicine  by Qingcai Zhang, M.D. And Hong-yen Hsu, Ph.D.
Applications of the oldest medicine to the newest disease

With every day that passes, another 150 people die of AIDS. By century's end, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, will have died, if the virus is not brought to heel. Without a doubt, AIDS is the most horrific medical disaster facing the world, yet so little attention has been given to the wealth of knowledge and experience which Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer.
AIDS and Syphilis by The Hidden Link by Harris L. Coulter

". . . We doubt that a substantial portion of those with the virus will ever become sick with AIDS. We also dispute the possibility of curing AIDS with a drug or vaccine directed against the supposed viral cause . . . we outline a new interpretation of the genesis of this cataclysmic disease and indicate ways of coping with it, of limiting and averting its further depredations . . ."
AIDS Exposed by Jeffrey Rense
Secrets, Lies, & Myths plus the latest breakthrough alternative therapies for AIDS and Cancer from Rife to Ozone

Nothing But the Facts.
  • The frightening scientific facts about saliva and condoms.
  • Casual contact risks: sneezing, coughing, sharing drinking glasses, etc.
  • The newest breakthrough alternative AIDS therapies.
  • How shockingly long the AIDS virus lives outside the body.
  • Why a negative AIDS antibody test can mean nothing . . . for years.
  • Incredible assertions and evidence about how, why, and who made HIV.
  • Complete safety guidelines for physicians and health care workers.
Why you don't have the legal right to know if you or your children are being exposed to the AIDS virus.
Poison By Prescription --- The AZT Story by John Lauritsen

This is the story of a toxic drug, with no scientifically proven benefits, which is being given to tens of thousands of people, including many who are perfectly healthy. It is a story of collusion among corrupt government officials, incompetent researchers, and an unscrupulous pharmaceutical company.
Roger's Recovery from AIDS by Bob Owen

As ship's doctor, Bob Owen treated everything from ordinary cuts and bruises and acute appendicitis to a terminal case of syphilitic meningitis. Then and later he experienced the extreme frustration most doctors must feel in being trained to treat only symptoms instead of root causes.

When Bob Owen met Dr. Bob Smith and heard his amazing story, he realized it must be told. From that beginning, across many months, they were driven to seek the truth concerning the nature of disease in general, and AIDS in particular. They leave it to the readers to determine how successful they have been.

The AIDS War by John Lauritsen (Author of Poison By Prescription: The AZT Story)
Propaganda, Profiteering and Genocide from the Medical-Industrial Complex

A Harvard-educated survey research analyst by profession, John Lauritsen began reviewing AIDS research in 1983, and is now regarded by AIDS-critics around the world as their foremost journalist. His first AIDS book, Poison By Prescription: The AZT Story, has saved thousands of lives, and is in its fourth printing.

The Cure for HIV and AIDS by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

With 70 Case Histories plus the revolutionary electronic circuit that made this discovery possible, which you can duplicate and use for self-diagnosis!

This book tells the true cause of HIV and AIDS and provides exact instructions for their CURE.

What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS WAS WRONG? By Christine Maggiore

A concise and convincing case that AIDS is nothing like what we have been told. Using simple, straightforward language, this book deconstructs popular myths about AIDS and fortifies its scientific data with powerful accounts from HIV positives who, like author Christine Maggiore, defy the HIV=AIDS=Death paradigm by living in wellness without pharmaceutical treatments and without fear of AIDS. This is vital information for anyone who has tested HIV positive and important reading for everyone who has ever lived or loved in fear.

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