A Shot In The Dark
by Harris L. Coulter & Barbara Loe Fisher

Why the Pin the DPT vaccination may be hazardous to your child's health?
Builds a case that is cautious, credible, horrifying and outrageous all at once. --- San Francisco Chronicle
Immunizations: The People Speak! by Neil Z. Miller

Questions, Comments, and Concerns About Vaccinations

Can unvaccinated children spread disease to vaccinated people?

Is it ethical to allow a child to contract a disease that we have a vaccine to prevent?

What are the long-term implications of injecting live-virus vaccines into the body?Can unvaccinated children spread disease to vaccinated people?
Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth
by Walene James

The up-to-the-minute statement on vaccine damage . . .
provides optimism and hope for every parent whose child faces immunizations. . . . From the Foreword

Walene James brings a new perspective to many provocative issues such as:
  • The vaccine-AIDS connection
  • Medical propaganda
  • The fallacy of the Salk vaccine
The Immunization Resource Guide by Diane Rozario

Where to find answers to all your questions about childhood vaccinations

Learn All Sides Of The Issue Before You Vaccinate
The Immunization Resource Guide is essential for anyone wanting up-to-date information on the latest immunization books and resources. The decision whether to vaccinate your children or not deserves some thought. Make it an informed decision.
The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean

The statements made herein are general concepts of the various authors. We do not claim this book furnishes accurate information as to an effective treatment or cure of the diseases discussed --- according to currently accepted medical opinion. The reader must accept the responsibility of choosing his own doctor in time of sickness.

The purpose of this volume is to provide a working reference of various statements regarding vaccination and not to offer a cure of any specific disease in any specific individual.
The Vaccination Bible by Lynne McTaggart

The Real Risks They Don't Tell You About All The Major Vaccines

In this groundbreaking book, by the editors of the bestselling newsletter What Doctors Don't Tell You, you will find copious scientific evidence, now recognized by the medical profession in America, about the true risks and effectiveness of each childhood vaccine. If you are going to make a case for or against vaccination, The Vaccination Bible will help to make your choice truly informed.

Vaccinese: Are they really safe and effective?
By Neil Z. Miller
A Parent's Guid To Childhood Shots

True of False?

  • The live-virus polio vaccine is the major cause of polio in the United States today.
  • The diphtheria and tetanus vaccines are stabilized with formaldehyde --- a know carcinogen.
The measles and pertussis vaccines may cause seizures, brain damage, and death. 

Vaccinations Do Not Protect and court violates Federal Law In Vaccination Case by E. McBean Ph.D., N.D.

  • They refuse to guarantee vaccines
  • How false propaganda fools the people
  • Vaccines cause disease --- do not protect
  • World reports on vaccine disasters
  • Polio shots increased polio 300%
  • No immunity from vaccinations
  • Vaccines destroy immunity
  • Germs, viruses, etc. do not cause disease
  • Medically-made epidemics
  • Death Warning
  • Vaccination (compulsory) is illegal
  • To avoid shots for school children
  • How to travel abroad without shots
  • Judge Hass letter
  • Fort Ord letter
  • Demand a vaccination guarantee
  • Warning to vaccine promoters

Vaccination Social Violence and Criminality
by Harris L. Coulter, Ph. D.

The Medical Assault on the American Brain

Kthis thoroughly documented expose of the dangers of childhood vaccinations will shock our complacent society. If Dr. Coulter is correct --- and his evidence is as compelling as it is alarming --- parents, children and civilization itself are paying dearly for our uncritical acceptance of inadequately tested medical advances. This book will no doubt start an acrimonious but timely debate about the unknown benefits and hidden costs of childhood vaccination programs. --- Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., Founder, Autism Society of America; Director, Autism Research Institute


Vaccinosis And Its Cure By Thuja
by J. Compton Burnett, M.D.

For Burnett, vaccinosis is a sub-division of sycosis; and its recognition of considerable utility in the consulting-room and at the bedside.

The contents of this little book constitute an important explanation of certain, otherwise obscure, clinical phenomena. 

What About Immunizations? By Cynthia Cournoyer
Exposing The Vaccine Philosophy
A parent's guide to the vaccination decision

I think this book should be made available in childbirth classes, doctor's offices, public libraries, and even in senior citizen centers as well as in schools! --- Calfornia

This book gives new motivation and foundation to our decision. --- Massachusetts

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