How can make scars go away?
How can you make scars go away? How can you grow taller when you drink organic milk?

In general, scars tend to fade away gradually on their own unless they are keloids which tends to grow bigger, uglier, and can be itchy and painful. Homeopathy can be helpful if prescribed properly. There is a new gelatinous patch in the market. I have seen it helped to reduce the keloids. You can try applying castor oil or hypericum oil on the scar even it they are keloids. They can sometimes reduce internal scar.

Organic milk contains the same or better nutrients including plenty of Calcium to help bone growth. Being in the sun can enhance Vitamin D in the body which helps to develop stronger bone and immune system. Organic milk does not have the problem of bovine growth hormone residue also. Organic milk is a better choice and not a minus for growing taller.

Dr Alexander Yuan
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