What can I use to cure a hernia naturally?
What can I use to cure a hernia naturally? What herbs can I try?

The famous herbalist, Dr. Culpepper recommended horsetail which is rich in silica to treat hernia. Silica strengthens the elastic tissues. There are a number of TCM formulae for hernia. I have used homeopathy to treat umbilical hernia in infants with good success, meaning no failure so far. Good homeopathic prescribing also helps to control hernia if it is not too advanced. Surgery has complications and does not prevent hernia from developing in other areas as surgery on treatment the result of a condition, nothing is done to prevent the tendency of the body to develop such problem. This reasoning applies to any surgical intervention except in traumatic situation. Cutting open the body is a trauma to the body. Patching up the broken tissue only has not done anything to help the body not to develop the condition in the first place.

Dr. Alexander Yuan
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