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The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza
by sandra J. Perko

As the second edition of this book goes to press in the late summer of 2005, it is abundantly clear that the historical march of influenza will always remain elusive and unpredictable. From the standpoint of homeopathy, it is yet to be revealed which remedies will prove to be the major players – the genus epidemicus – in the next most feared of all influenza battles. We simply find ourselves with the knowledge and absolute conviction that a devastating influenza pandemic is coming, we just do not know exactly when.

Therefore, it seems only prudent to be as prepared as possible. If you have not already done so, establish and maintain a working relationship with a licensed or certified professional homeopath in your area. Keep in touch with the world wide homeopathic community, through The National Center for Homeopathy, or the homeopathic center of education in your country. Have on hand several potencies of the major homeopathic remedies that have proved to be the most indicated in influenza epidemic in the past, and a homeopathic pharmacy source where you can order remedies quickly. Join or sponsor a NCH study group in your area that can share information and offer support in critical times.
Childhood Ear Infections
by Dr. Michael A. Schmidt

In this book, Dr. Michael A. Schmidt examines the scope of the ear infection problem. He takes a careful look at the current methods of treatment. Antibiotics and tubes are discussed in depth because they are the most frequently used methods of treatment. They are not, however, without risk or side effect. He take a new look at causes of ear infections and present a discussion of diet and nutrition that has significant implications. The home care and prevention chapters are valuable to parents because of the practical information they contain. What may ultimately be most useful is the section on alternative treatment, in which he describes the methods used by holistic doctors to treat earaches.
Emotional Healing with Homeopathy
by Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell argues that emotional traumas is at the root of many health conditions and can reveal a hidden key to healing. He demonstrates the effectiveness of homeopathy working with mild and profound trauma inflicted at birth or childhood as well as from war and violence, accidents, addictions, and human disasters such as AIDS and famine. This book adds form and substance to homeopathic healing, aligning older theories in the Organon with modern psychological theory about how disease takes hold in the body.

This book is wonderfully practical in helping us find the correct homeopathic medicine to treat emotional traumas. Chappell’s definition of traumatic experience extends from the horrible to the emotional challenges of the average human life, all of which generate health-altering psycho-physiological effects. This book reminds us that effective homeopathic treatment can help provide effective health care to many people.
Manual of Psychiatry
by Dr. J. P. S. Bakshi

Psychiatry can be practiced only if the psychiatrist develops two distinct capacities. One is the capacity to collect clinical data objectively and accurately by history taking and examination of mental state, and to organize the data in a systematic and balanced way. The other is the capacity for intuitive understanding of each patient as an individual. When the psychiatrist exercises the first capacity, he draws on this clinical skills and knowledge of clinical phenomena; when he exercises the second capacity, he draws on this general understanding of human nature to gain insights into the feelings and behavior of each individual patient, and into ways in which life experiences have affected that person's development.
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