yes so-so/ some- times no
1. Do you awaken immediately, with no desire to sleep in, ready to meet the day with energy and enthusiasm?
2. Do you wake up with "rearin' to go!" supply of energy? And do you have a feeling of well being that continues, as the day wears on, even when fatigue sets in?
3. Do you often feel the "secret urge" to run, jump, even skip - as you are going about your daily business?
4. Do you have enough wind to suddenly run 5 or 6 blocks, or can you quickly climb several flights of stairs without tiring?
5. Can you move, stretch, and bend easily to perform normal daily tasks without effort or discomfort, moaning or groaning?
6. Do you have sufficient strength when, for instance, a bag of potatoes needs lifting or a sofa needs pushing?
7. Are you free from cravings for junk food or other stimulants?
8. Are you free of the common cold and general aches and pains?
9. Are your senses of sight, hearing, taste, and smell sharp?
10. Is your posture straight, strong, and erect?
11. Is your flesh firm and solid - without flab, wrinkled skin, and fat, without any sagging flesh?
12. At the day's end, do you relax quickly and fall asleep easily?
13. When someone hurts your feelings, do you recover a positive, optimistic outlook quickly?
14. If you do something silly, foolish, or wrong, do you forgive yourself soon after, instead of nursing quilt for some time?
15. Are you gregarious, people-loving?
16. Do you have determination and staying power, after you have undertaken a project?
17. Do you have a strong sense of adventure and positivity when going into the unknown?
18. Do you often feel like expressing joy - smiling, laughing, singing - for no special reason, except that you feel good?
19. Do you express anger when annoyed instead of bottling it up?
20. Do you feel compassion, love, acceptance - for all those with whom you are sharing this Earth?
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