Space Healer

Space Healer" Overview
There is a large and growing body of information, initially from Russia and increasingly from around the World and, covering more than 20 years, as to the effectiveness of ENAR, Electro-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulation. ENAR is a type of electro-stimulation therapy that reawakens and enhances nerve functioning. As such, it has proven effective in healing, health promotion and pain relief. Until recently the ENAR neuro-physiology technology has been made available mainly to doctors and therapists. Today it is possible to buy ENAR within a reliable, user-friendly and affordable device, for use by both therapists and patients alike. ENAR is now in its newest form as The "SPACE HEALER".

ENAR technology was originally developed as part of the Russian Space Program, intended for Cosmonaut use. It was then refined and applied into general medical use in Russia where some 5,000 doctors are reported to use it now as a mainstream treatment modality. As word of the results being achieved in Russia spread to the outside world a number of natural therapists from around the World, including Dr Alexander Yuan of Hong Kong, bought ENAR type units to use in their clinics. Dr Yuan bought eight units and spent much time and effort in evaluating and assessing the ENAR technology and finally went to Russia to secure the exclusive rights to mass-produce a new, reliable, affordable and highly useable version of the ENAR device to be called The "SPACE HEALER".

A revolutionary healing device from the space industry
"SPACE HEALER" is a hand-held, battery operated electronic stimulating device. It regulates the adaptive function of our body's nervous system. There are three kinds of nerve fibers in our nervous system. The "A" nerve fiber conducts our sensory perception. The "B"nerve fiber regulates our motor functions; and the "C" fiber, which constitute 80% of our nerve fibers, regulates our body's physiological functions such as heart beats, stomach digestion, liver detoxification, pancreas insulin production, gall-bladder secretion, kidney excretion, bladder urination, sweat glands perspiration, hormone secretions.

In a normal functioning body, our nervous system constantly sends out proper nerve signals that produce different kinds of neuro-peptides at the nerve endings. These neuro-peptides act as chemical messengers to regulate the functioning of various organs. Since our body is constantly being affected by the changes in the external environments, our body in healthy state will constantly adapt to changes by altering the electrical signals in response to external stimuli. When our body fails to send ever changing adaptive signals to the organs or get stuck with a fixed pattern of signals, we become sick. Thus, Sickness when defined in neuro-physiology term is, "A fixation or blockage of the nerve signals". And Health can be defined as, "A state of dynamic adaptive nervous regulation".

The "Space Healer", as an Electro-Neuro-Adaptive Regulator removes pain and restores health by sending dynamic electric signals through your skin to break the fixation and remove the signal blockage so that your body can go back to its former adaptive state in the nervous system.

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