Space Healer

Effective in Treating a Wide Variety of Health Problems with 80% Efficacy
This device has been put to use on well over 50,000 treatments by more than 5,000 practitioners worldwide. The effectiveness of this "Space Healer" treatment is close to 80% on most health problems. Head scientist Professor Revenko claimed that there were very few illnesses "Space Healer" could not treat and often cure.
There are several theories being propounded as to the basis of ENAR Therapy effectiveness. What is apparent is that the device interacts in a dynamic way with the nerves and central nervous system when applied to the skin. One may try to explain it at the physical, biological, electrical energy or life-force levels but the simple fact remains that it does interact adaptively and appears often to restart, rejuvenate and/or regulate the normal healing and health maintenance functions in the human body. This is a remarkable achievement. A non-pharmacological, non-invasive, very simple and easy-to-use method has been found to substantially help with healing, health and with pain relief.
  • Treat INJURY
  • Effect HEALING
  • Relieve PAIN Swiftly
  • Fight DISEASE
  • Ensure HEALTH

An Overview of the BASIC RESULTS

"Space Healer" technology in SPORTS

"Space Healer" technology in ODONTOLOGY  
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