Space Healer

Why is it called, the “Space Healer”?
The development of the device was originally conceived to treat Russian cosmonauts in space. Unlike the American astronauts who can be shuttled back to earth if they should get sick. The Russian cosmonauts do not have shuttle facility. If any of the cosmonauts get sick, the whole mission may have to be aborted.
If you use conventional medicine or even natural medicine, you have to carry a variety of the medicine and most importantly, they could not allow pharmaceuticals to enter the water supply in an environment where recycling of water supplies is essential. So it would be better if a purely physical way to treat all kinds of health problems can be developed. Thus the idea of the "Space Healer" was born. That was 20 years ago.
Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the subsequent suspension of the space program, the Russian scientists and engineers continue to develop the "Space Healer" in private and finally succeeded in making this revolutionary healing device with high efficacy in helping a wide range of health problems.
Is it like a TENS device?
The electric sensation is very similar to that of the Transcutaneous Electro-Neuro-Stimulator. Like the TENS device, it can remove pain. The difference is the "Space Healer" can remove pain many times more effectively than the TENS device and in addition it can help your body to overcome many health problems with 80% efficacy. As a pain reliever, it is unsurpassed by any known physical devices in terms of effectiveness and ease of use.

Is the "Space Healer" easy to use?
The "Space Healer" is effective in any way you use it. You simply apply the device over where it hurts or over the problem organ. For example, if you knee hurts, place it device over the joints of the knee; if your back hurts, rub the device over the painful back area; if you have an abscess tooth, place the device over jaw.
Of course, if you have some knowledge about acupuncture, trigger points, chakra, you can use the "Space Healer" over those meridians and points to enhance the therapeutic effect and expand the usefulness of the device.

Is there any side effects with the "Space Healer"?
The "Space Healer", being battery operated and electrically similar to the TENS unit is among the safest electrical device we know.
The only time you don’t want to use a "Space Healer" is if you have a heart pacemaker imbedded in your chest, you are drunk, you are paranoid about electrical sensation, or you are psychotic.
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