Space Healer

Pervade Wave Co Ltd in Hong Kong is manufacturing the Space Healer under the license agreement with the Russian Company, which develop this world-patented device.

You can purchase one from:

Green Concepts Co. Ltd.
2/F, Prosperous Commercial Building,
54-58 Jardine's Bazaar,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong SAR
Tel: (852)2882-4848
Fax: (852)2890-8469


Web site:

Worldwide Representatives

Location Name E-mail Address
Melbourne Ms. Lily Chen
USA Dr. Robin Murphy
Toronto Mr. Helmut Giese
Korea Dr. Garbeen Yim
Singapore Ms. Stephaine Nam
Malaysia Ms. Rebecca Lee
New Zealand Mr. Richard Dunwell

  HK$ US$ (app.)
Space Healer (Deluxe version) $5,700 $750
Space Healer (Basic version) $3,600 $470
Handle $280 $40
Brush $380 $50
Gel Pad 53x96mm (4/set) $150 $21
Gel Pad 46x47mm(4/set) $80 $11
Wire (length 3M) $60 $8
6mm Facial Ball $320 $42
15mm Facial Ball $380 $50
FacialMask (w/o wire)
$550 $72
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