Health Consultation

This unique service is offered to people who have health problems or illness. They may wish to have a consultation or second opinion regarding alternative healing approaches. They may also want to find out more about natural medicine and alternative treatment options.

Patient is not obliged to receive treatment at our centre, however, this session can serve as a "get acquainted" visit. Our doctors may provide or suggest reading materials relevant to your situation through books, articles, videos or audio tapes at the centre.

Fee : HK$1,000 per 1/2 hour including the doctor's research
          time on behalf of the patient

  Treatments & Tests
Colon Hydrotherapy
Colour Therapy
Constitutional Hydrotherapy
Early Cancer Test
Food Allergy Test
Hair Mineral Analysis
Health Consultation
Heart Rate Variability
Herbal Medicine
Live Cell Analysis
Magneto Meridian Treatment
Microcirculation Treatment
Nutritional Consultation
Rife Frequency Treatment
Skype online consultation
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