For most patients, this is the entry point to the various services offered at Optimum Health Centre.

An eight page questionnaire is completed by patients before seeing the doctor. A thorough case-study will take place on the initial visit and necessary testing will be arranged and treatment program will then be set up to fit the needs of the individual patient.

Naturopathy offers you, the patient, a complete and wholistic approach to your health care.

The body is made more healthy by first detoxifying and then constitutionally rebuilding it. Nutritional supplements are used with other treatments to constitutionally rebuild and promote overall good health. The immune system and other internal body organs respond to these natural treatments to combat environmental and aging problems faced by day-to-day stressful living conditions.

Fee : HK$1,600 Per hour. Half to two hours for the initial visit 
         and 15 to 30 minutes for follow up visits.

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  Treatments & Tests
Colon Hydrotherapy
Colour Therapy
Constitutional Hydrotherapy
Early Cancer Test
Food Allergy Test
Hair Mineral Analysis
Health Consultation
Heart Rate Variability
Herbal Medicine
Live Cell Analysis
Magneto Meridian Treatment
Microcirculation Treatment
Nutritional Consultation
Rife Frequency Treatment
Skype online consultation
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